Music Video for “Faded” by Marc E Bassy

To bring his new music to life, Marc E. Bassy invited filmmakers and animators from around the world to create a lyric video for one of two of his latest tracks in 2015.

This musical artwork is a lyric video for “Faded” by Marc E Bassy. As requested, the main visual reference is Marc E Bassy’s current aesthetic inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. In this video, I wanted to push further Marc’s reference to the art world. I used Roy Lichtenstein’s Ben-Day dots, Andy Warhol’s bold colors and Stephen Sprouse’s graffiti signature. I also wanted to recreate the feeling of being “Faded” and dazed. The objective was to have a video that looked groggy and disoriented.

For Music Video for “Faded” by Marc E Bassy my tasks and my responsiblities were :

  • Motion Design
  • Illustration

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