“Vos 1ers Congés Tout Payés” Contest

Contest Webmarketing Dam Damlong Chantha

1st Price : “Vos 1ers Congés Tout Payés” Contest

Design Contest of a Digital Launch of «Que sais-je ? Le Web Marketing».

MRM Paris (McCann Group) and Reprise Media (MediaBrands Group) helded a contest for a digital launch. The challenge was to design a 2.0 promotional campaign for the new book “Que sais-je ? Le Web Marketing”. Teamed with Chloé Carreras, we created a strategy using social media, augmented reality and gaming. We won the first prize and we enjoyed a nice trip to Greece.

For “Vos 1ers Congés Tout Payés” Contest my tasks and my responsiblities were :

  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design

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