The Last Hunt

The Last Hunt is the largest online outdoor outlet in Canada. This e-commerce is Altitude Sports’ partner discounts website. I also worked on Altitude Sports and Vallier.

My responsibilities for The Last Hunt were similar to Altitude Sports. I worked within the marketing team and I was dedicated to the website : I started as a graphic designer and an integrator. Through the years, I became the lead integrator and a UX designer. I helped the website’s transition from Magento to Shopify.

As the lead integrator, I created templates for several types of content, promotions and sales. According to the marketing director and the performance director‘s brief, I designed the pages and coded them into templates used the the backend. The CMS was a custom React platform.

I was the lead technical support for the several services used for the e-commerce : Shopify, Searchspring and the custom React CMS.

As the lead technical support :

  • I created and updated of the CMS templates for the web pages;
  • I found technical solutions for the merchandising team‘s needs;
  • I was involved in campaigns launches;
  • I wrote the briefs for the IT teams involving Marketing’s demands;
  • I helped QA deployments with the IT teams and their product owner;
  • I worked on the A/B testings campaigns on Google Optimize;
  • I implemented SEO strategies established by the performance director and the SEO consultant;
  • I set up the tracking script for Google Analytics and with the Performance Director, we help the team members understand where to find the data.

Back in 2019, The Last Hunt started making ads on Youtube. As a motion designer, I created the visual concept and sound used in the Youtube ads campaigns.

For The Last Hunt my tasks and my responsiblities were :

  • Technical Lead
  • UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Integration
  • Coding
  • Motion Design

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